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WLAN Service

In the WLAN service LAN&WAN maintains the WLAN network located in the customer's premises or area. This service includes one base station or more and their management system. The WLAN service consists of the wireless local area network located in the customer's premises, managed and maintained by LAN&WAN.

Maintenance service

Should there occur any faults in the WLAN equipment, they will be repaired immediately. This is ensured by the maintenance service. The following maintenance service levels (SLA, Service Level Agreement) are available for this service:

Maintenance service level
Response time
SLA3 Onsite (5x8)
4 hours
SLA2 Onsite (5x8 or 7x24)
2 hours
SLA 1 Onsite (7x24)

Administrative service

The administrative service is also included in our services. This means that we do all the necessary WLAN network changes on the behalf of the customer. The administrative service level (PL) PL2 is available for this service, the following working day, Mondays–Fridays, 8.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.

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